Optal is the B2B payments alternative

Our payments solutions help suppliers get paid on time, and reward buyers and suppliers for making better payment choices. We reconfigure and streamline payment processes to reveal and eliminate hidden inefficiencies, and ensure that banking partners can work with businesses to access working capital more effectively.

  • More choice

    Optal adds value for the whole payments supply chain. From our automatic reconciliation tools to our credit optimising solutions, we transform transactions and enhance supplier relationships.

  • Unleash working capital

    We put underused corporate credit to work, leaving businesses free to seize opportunities. Our solutions help businesses and banks improve cash flow and get the most from their payment processes.

  • Work smarter

    Optal helps businesses and banks work smarter. We reconfigure and streamline processes to eliminate inefficiencies, with automatic reconciliation tools so you do not have to manually reconcile payments.

  • Reduce risks

    Many payment processes today create unnecessary risk and error. We create buyer and supplier control, freeing you from the risks of holding payee data, and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our solutions


VANs, or Virtual Account Numbers, are a payments alternative that increase choice, reduce risk, and turn cost centres into profit centres via rewards. VANs are a smart alternative to BACS, cheques and card payments, streamlining payment processes and adding value throughout the supply chain.

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Invapay puts capital from commercial card credit lines to work by removing the need for card acceptance when paying bills and suppliers. This improves credit utilisation and customer relationships for banks, stops underused credit costing unnecessarily, and offers a working capital alternative for businesses. As a result, everybody can work smarter, more efficiently, and address dynamic cashflow pressures.

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